Wine tasting at The Belfry

In nearby Sandwich there is a lovely restaurant, The Belfry Inn and Bistro, which hosts a wine tasting every Wednesday evening from 6 to 7 PM. If the weather is good the event is held on the patio adjacent to The Abbey as seen in the picture.  You will want to secure reservations as there is a limited amount of space.  You can see the upcoming schedule of wine tastings here and the phone number for reservations is 508-888-8550.

Typically you will taste 4 wines, related in some way, often from the same winery.  With each wine you will have a taste of something wonderful from the kitchen. The cost is usually around $25 and it’s a lovely evening out. For most of the summer, you can still get back to the house for sunset!  Alternatively you may decide to stay and enjoy dinner at The Belfry, which is always a wonderful meal!

Christopher Wilson the innkeeper is always on hand.  He has lovingly restored The Belfry and it has become a fantastic place to spend a weekend or a meal.

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