Using a boat at Monument Beach:

marina from sky

A boat is a great way to enjoy our rental home on Phinney’s Harbor, which is spectacular for fishing, touring, water skiing, and tubing. The Monument Beach Marina has two ways to store your boat. First, when slips at this marina are not in use by their owner, they can be rented out by members of the public. Since the supply of such slips can be a bit uneven, “transit moorings” can be a better way to store your boat. The Marina has a number of transit moorings which can be rented for $25 per day; they also rent for a seven-day period for the cost of six. Demand for such moorings can fluctuate, but the marina can set one aside for you with enough notice, so we suggest contacting them ahead of time. The number for the marina is: 5087593105. Should you decide to rent a mooring, a kayak rental from (508) 759-0330 would be a fun and safe way to get your boat and bring it to the beach at the house. Don’t be scared off by the boat-building emphasis of the Web site, they really do rent kayaks. Although they are located right around the corner from the Post Office, their e-mail address is

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