Things to Do

Activities you might not think of:

  1. Walk along the canal: Take a left onto Shore Road, pass the Gray Gables market  and take a left onto Back River Road to the parking area by the train bridge. Cross the tracks and you will see the bike and walkway which runs for about 7 miles along the canal. This canal road does not allow cars and is a wonderful place for biking, jogging, walking, rollerblading, etc.  Also, if you see a cool boat entering the canal while you are sitting on the porch (if the boat is moving from left to right)  then you have about 15 minutes or so to get to the canal to see it up close.  If you see a big cruise liner coming through it’s definitely worth the trip.
  2. Visit the Cape Cod Canal Visitor’s Center (Visitor Center (508) 833-9678) and take a tour. Check the schedule first at
  3. Go to Martha’s Vineyard for the day or even the afternoon – have an ice cream!  Drive toward Falmouth on Route 28, park where the signs indicate for Woods Hole and take a ferry ride on one of the Steamship Authority ferries. Martha’s Vineyard is the closer of the two large islands off the cape, the other being Nantucket.
  4. Explore Woods Hole – especially during the week. Check out the Woods Hold Oceanographic Institute. They have a great little aquarium.  It will take you about 25 minutes to get to Woods Hole.
  5. Visit the Cape Cod National Seashore – take the canal road to Sagamore then on Route 6. You will drive about an hour until you enter Eastham and the Salt Pond Visitors Center will be on your right.  You might want to have dinner in Provincetown or take a dune tour.
  6. If you are not from Massachusetts and never visited it in elementary school,  you might visit Plimoth Plantation in Plymouth.  We warn you that the rock is nothing special.
  7. Take a ride to Sandwich, walk through downtown, park. Then you can walk out to the beach on the  wooden plank walkway.  Or take route 6A bit further to Sandy Neck beach.  The cost to park there is $15 .
  8. Driving further up 6A you can visit Brewster and the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History,  and walk out to the tidal flats and see the osprey nests.
  9. Rent bikes in Falmouth and ride the Shining Sea Rail Trail to Woods Hole. See our blog entry on Bike Riding on the Cape.
  10. Biking: The Shining Sea Bikeway trail is fantastic: shows you a great map. The Bikeway’s name honors Katharine Lee Bates, born in Falmouth in 1859, who penned “America the Beautiful,” with its line, “And crown thy good with brotherhood, from sea to shining sea!” It is almost 11 miles long and there are numerous places to park if you want to walk/ ride only a piece of it. will give you more information. From that site: The Shining Sea Bikeway is the only bikeway on Cape Cod that runs alongside the sea, providing views across salt marshes, barrier beaches, and open water. And with almost 25% of the Bikeway abutting conservation land along at least one side, the Bikeway brings you close to a variety of wooded uplands, cedar swamps, and ponds.  To get to the northern terminus: Exit Route 28 at Rt. 151 and turn left (west). Pass through traffic light at Rt. 28A and continue straight ahead (name changes to County Road). Cross RR tracks and turn right to enter County Road parking lot. Bikeway begins directly across County Rd.
  11. Take the Canal Cruise out of Onset.
  12. Pick your own of whatever is ready to harvest at Coonamessett Farm in Falmouth.
  13. Go whale watching out of Hyannis.
  14. Take the Hy-Line to Nantucket out of Hyannis.  They have a fast ferry option there.  Cars are not allowed on this boat but you’ll get there very quickly and you can explore the island on foot or bicycle.  You can also take a traditional ferry and bring your car.  The Hy-Line also offers a cruise that visits both islands and a water tour around Hyannis Port.

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